Miura Golf MC 501 4-PW

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Nuevo 2019

Miura MC 501

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Introducing The New Miura MC-501 Global Version

When Shinei Miura and the design team were creating the MC-501, their aim was to improve ball contact and control. Although blade models typically target a specific skill set, Shinei wanted this new model to appeal beyond the low handicapped player.

As the longest (from heel to toe) blade model ever produced by Miura, the MC-501 is suited for blade and cavity back players who want to improve forgiveness on off-center strikes. The repositioning of 20 grams to the sole increases its width, strategically redistributing the club head’s center of gravity. The MC-501 also incorporates the iconic Y-grind created by Yoshitaka Miura, which blunts and softens the club head’s leading edge to improve turf interaction.

Material: Premium (S25C) Soft Carbon Steel.

Process: Precision forging in Miura’s own forge in Himeji, Japan.

Face Progression: 1.5 (3 iron) ~ 4.0 (PW).

Finish: Miura Copper Nickel Satin Finish.